About us

My name is Christer Olsson,
In part of the company, I work with floorball. I offer various trainings related to floorball in Sweden and internationally. In the field of technique and tactics, we can customize training for both players and trainers/coaches in both practical and online.
For several years, we have supported the development of new countries with training efforts.

If you are interested in my services, please contact me.

My experiences!
Player at elite level since 1981.
National team player for Sweden 1985-89.
Player of the year in Sweden season 87/88.
Coach for top-level teams and youth teams since 1989.
National coach of Sweden's men's team 1991-93.
National coach of Singapore's men's team 1998.
Assistant coach of Norway's women's team 2004-2005.
Olympic Support Center 1993-98 (SIBF project training and top development, full time).
International instructor 1993-2004 Trained elite coach in floorball 1994.
As an international instructor I have worked in nine countries with development.
Chairman of Elite Committee SIBF.
Co-author of the book "Indoor Bandy" 1996. 
Conducted the first ever floorball course in ASIA, 1998 in Singapore.
Chairman Örebro County Floorball Association 2006-2010.
Worked to develop floorball in Southeast Asia and implements training programs at various levels since 2010.
Launched the platform xfball.com 2013.
Assistant coach for Lillån IBK, Men's Allsvenskan 2018-2019.
Conducted several training camps in China on behalf of the China Floorball Association since 2018.
National coach WU19 China 2020 (cancelled due to coronavirus). 
Still continuing with coaching support at various levels.