About us

Welcome to Excellent Floorball

We take pride in offering high-quality floorball education in Sweden and internationally, with a focus on player development and tactics. Whether you're a coach, a team, a parent, or an individual player, we have something to offer you. 

For coaches, we provide customized training to help you enhance your coaching methods and tactical knowledge. Our experienced coaches will guide you through various exercises and provide you with the tools to build a successful team. 

For teams, we offer tailored training programs and workshops to improve your technique and tactics. We use advanced video analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses in your game, assisting you in developing a strategy to achieve your goals. 

For parents, we offer education and workshops where you can learn more about floorball and how to support your children's development. We provide you with the tools to be a positive and supportive presence during practices and matches. 

For individual player development, we offer personal training programs and individual coaching. We help you improve your technique, strength, and conditioning, giving you the tools to take your game to the next level. 

Regardless of your skill level, you are welcome to participate in our programs. We believe that every player has the potential to become an excellent floorball player, and we are here to help you reach your goals.


Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you become a better floorball player.


My name is Christer Olsson, and I am the responsible and CEO of the organization. With over 50 years of experience in floorball, I and my collaborators hope to share tips and developments that will benefit you. 

My Experiences! 

- Player at the elite level since 1981

- National team player for Sweden 1985-89

- Named Player of the Year in Sweden for the 87/88 season

- Coach for top-level and youth teams since 1989

- Head coach for Sweden's men's team 1991-93

- Head coach for Singapore's men's team 1998

- Assistant coach for Norway's women's team 2004-2005

- Olympic Support Center 1993-98 (SIBF project education and top development, full-time)

- International instructor 1993-2004

- Trained elite floorball coach in 1994

- Worked as an international instructor in nine countries for development

- Chairman of the Elite Committee SIBF

- Co-author of the book "Floorball" 1996

- Conducted the first floorball course ever in ASIA, 1998 in Singapore

- Chairman of Örebro County Floorball Association 2006-2010

- Worked on developing floorball in Southeast Asia and conducted training programs at various levels since 2010

- Launched the platform xfball.com in 2013

- Assistant coach for Lillån IBK, Allsvenskan for men 2018-2019

- Conducted several training camps in China on behalf of the China Floorball Association since 2018

- Head coach WU19 China 2020 (canceled due to coronavirus)