We are the company that carries out special consultations. We offer companies, associations and organizations various services in the environment and sports. A large part of the company has long experience in the environmental field. At present, we have hired staff and consultants where we operate facilities within recycling, testing, sorting and checks. Since 2006, we have operated El-Kretsen AB's analysis facility. 

We also do consulting work for Labor Operations (Arboga Municipality) and their electronics recycling plant.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy

EXSE AB works on behalf of external business operators with statistics, sorting, analyzes of electrical & electronic products and partly through the development of computer systems. In all our operations we work actively with quality and environmental issues. Exse shall provide products and services that meet the client's requirements and expectations. Furthermore, Exse will work with quality and environmental awareness through competence and education in all parts of the business.

We do this by:
* Continuously work to meet the legal and other binding requirements that are imposed on our business.
* Perform our tasks with high quality and environmental awareness, our work is characterized by competence, which provides a security for our customers.
* Influence our suppliers and customers to actively pursue quality and environmental work.
* The quality and environmental work of our business is constantly improving and our goals must be evaluated annually.