Analysanläggningen i Arboga

Where scrap becomes statistics

At the plant, the waste is analyzed to improve the efficiency of the collection system. If you see statistics on electricity waste in Sweden, there is a great chance that it comes from the analysis plant in Arboga. Knowledge from 12 years of data collected


Around 2 per cent of the assorted electronics collected finds its way here to be turned into statistics and provide us with information. This information is used to make sure our pre-treaters receive the correct compensation for their work, but also to map out how our waste changes over time, but also to see how our electricity waste changes over time.


The task of the statistics coordinator is to check, compile and clarify the data that arises in different computer systems.
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Tests / Analysis

At our plant, we do deeper studies of individual products or product groups. The department's function and purpose is to carry out tests, analyzes and dismantling of electrical waste. This is to get a picture of the products' composition and value in the recycling chain. The department is born mostly of material from the sorting plant, but there can also be material from external sources. Analyzes can consist of dismantling different products and then weighing all the components separately.